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The Nonviolent Institute

Batterer Intervention Program: The Duluth Model, an educational curriculum developed as a guide for counselors to use in our court-mandated programs. This is a Domestic Abuse Intervention Project; entitled “The Nonviolent Institute.” This training offers skills for males who batter and to work with them in a format that addresses their role as a co/parallel parent or mate.

Fatherhood Support Group

NPCL Partners for Fragile Families Fatherhood Development Curriculum. This is a peer support program with a wide range of interventions, reflecting the multiple domains of responsible fathering, the varied residential and marital circumstances of fathers, and the array of personal, relational, and ecological factors that influence men as fathers.

Behavioral Services

Because we are all individuals, and our problems are unique to us, no two are exactly the same. As a result we are all in need of differing levels of care and intervention. Based on years of experience, we have developed a variety of counseling options, tailored to meet the needs of those we care for. We offer a full spectrum of clinical, consultative, training and coaching services provided by our credentialed professionals.